☆ Thanks Allform for sponsoring! Go to for 20% off any sofa of your choice. I chose their 3 seater sofa in dark smoke leather! – Shop Lone Fox (Decor, DIY Supplies + More!): – Follow Lone Fox on Instagram: @lonefoxhome – Check out my Amazon Favorites: In today’s video, I’m sharing a living room makeover I did for my friend Jordan! Not only does he have a unique style himself but he has a gorgeous LA apartment filled with so much charm. His living room was the one space in the apartment that needed some TLC and I wanted to redo it for him. I used mostly thrifted finds in the space to coincide with Jordan’s personal style. Not only was this makeover budget friendly but it was a style outside of my comfort zone! F E A T U R E D + Sofa: =drewscott + Rug: + Throw pillows: + Brass sconces: + Green sconces: + Vase: + Side table: + Trunk (similar): + Baskets: + Curtains: + Rice paper lantern: + White paper lantern: + Stools (similar): + Coffee table (similar): + Abstract vase (similar): + Artwork (similar): + Roman pedestal: JOIN THE LONE FOX FAMILY! + Fashion Youtube Channel: + Instagram (Lone Fox): + Instagram (Personal): + Pinterest : + Shop my Moms Craft Supply Shop: C O N T A C T + Any questions, inquiries or collabs : [email protected] E Q U I P M E N T + Canon 5D Mark III (Main Camera): + Canon G7X (Vlog Camera): + Sigma 35mm Lens: + Microphone: + Memory Card (BEST): + Tripod: M U S I C + Epidemic Sounds- T H A N K Y O U Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

20 thoughts on “Extreme Living Room Makeover Using THRIFTED Furniture & Decor

  1. I absolutely love mixing old with new! A bunch of the decor and furniture is from the thrift store however the new sofa really grounds the space. Go to for 20% off any sofa of your choice. I chose their 3 seater sofa in dark smoke leather!

    1. @Hi, Welcome to chilli’s it is about function nd not about prejudice, living room dows not need black out curtain for function especially when there are views and in addition low quality look is about having one set of curtain and not wto i think you are not knowingw hat you are talking about.
      The two curtains is making it look more compltely but blackout curtain only are not adding to “high quality look” without sheer curtain i just say that space need ligher curtains and in cse to chose between the one or the other I would chose the sheer, becuse two curtain sheer plus is forbedroom or living room , but living rooms with views normally is ok ith just hsee mny design mgazines hve thsi look even Jimmy Fallon recent video

    2. @Shawn&Inna Barrett search videos about curtains fails , do’s & donts etc

    3. @Hi, Welcome to chilli’s i donot search for this they tell you to not wear buttons ever so you donot?
      itis not fitting the style

  2. I just started watching your videos and I love them and will continue to do so.l love what you are so much like my son.he also loves to decorate..I just love how everything looks

  3. Loved this makeover so much!! Absolutely love the mix of old and new. That chair and those little stools really adds debt and character to the space. And changing up the tree with the branches really elevated that corner. So cool and I feel so inspired now!

  4. Wow! 🎉🎉🎉 This room is perfection! I love how you pulled it off with so many vintage finds!

  5. Beautiful. Can you consider showing us evening versions of reveals as well – so we can appreciate the lighting? I always love my space in the daylight, but love my nighttime vibe, too – the complete room!! Great videos!

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