Are you planning your small living room? Does your small living room layout need renovation or do you want to freshen it up with contemporary and trendy details, Well this video is perfect for you! This video shows you my TOP 16 interior design tips and trends for a Small Living Room in this must-watch guide. I share with you some of the most important trends and ideas for living room designs that I think are very contemporary and stylish but still timeless. That means that they have been here for a long time but are now modern-time favorites. I reveal what’s trending in textures, finishes, details, fixtures, materials, vanity, accessories, styles, and ideas to beautify your space. I hope you’ll enjoy and use this information to create a comfortable and stylish interior design! ► MY INTERIOR DESIGN MASTERCLASS: Enrollment for The Interior Design Masterclass will only be open for a limited time! Take the first step into becoming an expert interior designer today! Join our Community: 🌈 SELECT THE PERFECT COLOR COMBINATIONS FOR YOUR SPACE WITH MY **FREE COLOR COMBINATIONS GUIDE HERE: 🚫 FREE INTERIOR DESIGN MISTAKES AND HOW TO FIX THEM GUIDE HERE: 💡 SELECT THE PERFECT LIGHTING FOR YOUR SPACE WITH MY **FREE LIGHTING DESIGN GUIDE HERE: 🧡 SELECT THE PERFECT COLOR FOR YOUR SPACE WITH MY **FREE COLOR GUIDE HERE: 🌿 SELECT THE PERFECT INDOOR PLANTS FOR YOUR SPACE WITH MY **FREE INDOOR PLANTS GUIDE HERE: * ⭐ AMAZON FAVORITE LISTS: **FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL OF SKILLSHARE: *GET ONE FREE AUDIOBOOK, 2 free Audible originals, and a 30-day free trial: **APPS I USE: FREE 30 DAYS TRIAL OF CANVA: FREE 7 DAYS TRIAL OF PHOTOSHOP: GET 60% OFF ALL ADOBE APPS FOR STUDENTS: My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment: The Music I use in All my videos: OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: – Instagram: @d.signers @d.signers_in – Web: – Personal Instagram: @zahiracury Thanks for watching!

15 thoughts on “✅ TOP 16 SMALL LIVING ROOM Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor

  1. hi Zahira, been following your channel for awhile now, as always very. informative. I need your thoughts pls for my upcoming reno. I have a 68 sqm loft 1bedroom condo with 18-20 ft high ceiling and non-obstructed windows, really. flooded with natural lights plus facing east, so it’s morning sun, open concept to living, dining rooms ( same high ceiling) and kitchen (9 ft high ceiling) below my bedroom. I am into modern industrial, except no bricks (not for me) minimalist with black, white and gray color scheme with greeneries. I planned to change my kitchen( approx 5×6 sqm ) into black gray and natural or light cognac cabinetry, no handles, black or white quartz countertop and a small, rectangular, fixed island to house my induction stove with hanging, exposed range hood and some cabinets with drawers below. It is U-shaped right now to L-shaped with an island, one side with black farmhouse sink and end pantry or ??? concealed washer and dryer not sure, upper cabinets and pantry doors will be natural wood color, lower cabinets will be black. Other side with built-in oven and microwave, concealed, pull-out coffee station and integrated fridge at the end in black cabinets and doors, the opposite side is plain wall and door to a powder room and washer right now, any other suggestions pls or different ideas. Your thoughts are grately appreciated. More for my combined living and dining room furnitures arrangements to follow if you don’t mind, pls let me know. Again thanks for taking time to read my lengthy message. More power to your channel.

  2. recently found your channel and this is amazing, your tips and practical implementation knowledge is what I was searching for, thanks 🙂

  3. What is it with women wanting to pile pillows all over the furniture?! Keep it minimal and let the space speak for itself. Too many damn pillows!

  4. Hello Zahira!
    First of all. I absolutely love your design style. CONGRATS on your space!
    Quick question, I live in a small condo, and I have a hallway with a flat wall, how can I enhance the space, mirror, color? Thank you and best!

  5. Hello,

    I have a dark brown sofa and love seat that is very traditional. Can you give some tips on how to style this type of brown furniture with other colors?

  6. I’m sick of grey, every house and almost every business I have gone in lately is grey with different shades of grey. I like grey but not enough to see it everywhere all the time

  7. can you help me how to furnish a room for my 20 year old son. age is 500 cm long, 250 cm wide. thank you very much. Gordana Rikic from Serbia

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